A Plan for a Safe and Prosperous Atlanta

Crime is the number one crisis facing our city. Right now, in every neighborhood across our city, Atlantans feel less safe. Crime impacts our personal and collective quality of life and the city’s reputation, creating a vicious cycle that undermines everything that makes our city vibrant. The fundamental truth is that until Atlanta feels safe again, nothing else will feel right.

Public safety reform starts at the top. During Kasim’s eight years as Mayor, the city’s crime rate was at 40-year lows and the city employed 2,000 sworn police officers, the largest force in the city’s history. Only Kasim can talk about proven results, because only Kasim has already shown us we can have a safer city, and how. Here are the core elements of Kasim’s plan to make every neighborhood safe:

  • Hire and properly train 750 new APD officers so that we have a fully functional force, and coverage throughout the city.
  • Provide all – new and existing – officers with implicit bias and de-escalation training.
  • Keep the Atlanta City jail open to eliminate the overcrowding in the Fulton County jail, and shut down the revolving door for repeat violent criminals.
  • Work with state and county leaders to hire new judges to eliminate the huge prosecution backlog caused by COVID-shutdowns.
  • Establish weekly cabinet meetings to review crime data and implement solutions across departments.
  • Upgrade precinct locations and facilities and replace outdated equipment.
  • Expand Atlanta’s Policing Alternatives and Diversion Initiative (PAD), a program created during Mayor Reed’s first term, and reopen the Centers of Hope recreation centers to get kids off the streets safely.
  • Triple the city’s network of traffic cameras and license plate readers, including adding safety surveillance to public parks.
  • Revamp APD Code Enforcement processes to target the city's most egregious offenders and aggressively prosecute nuisance establishments.
  • Establish LGBTQ+ hate crime protections in APD's Special Victims Unit.

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